Apr. 11th, 2008 01:04 am
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This journal will be going friends-only for the foreseeable future.

My trust has been violated enough that if you're just here to read my unlocked Feronia posts, and I haven't yet friended you, I probably won't be. I am very sorry.
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I voted for Obama, but I will support whoever opposes the eventual Republican nomination.

The crowds and lines at the Andover polling place were unbelievable, at 7:30 this evening. I parked in the middle school lot and walked to the polling station at the high school, just to avoid waiting and waiting and waiting for a parking spot. My knee was not happy.
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Does anyone out there use 357 button batteries? I have a bunch I got for my old insulin pump, but the new one uses AAAs.

Also, I am considering growing various salad greens in my brand-spanking new veggie garden this spring. I have proven that I can grow these from seed. What are peoples' opinions on any of the following, in terms of ease of growing, taste etc.? What are good early-season greens?

deertongue lettuce, beetberry, corn salad/mache, malabar spinach vine, purslane, New Zealand spinach, french sorrel, orach, tah tsai

Any others you would recommend? Easy vegetables in general? (Given that I live in New England, have a fairly short season, and somewhat hot/humid summers. The veggie bed will get full sun for most but not all of the day.)


Jan. 14th, 2008 09:10 pm
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Ben took a short break from Arisia stuff, and found this video of a degu chasing a cat. As most of you know, besides the rats and my cats, we have two degus, small South American critters that are related to chinchillas.

I have to say that I will be extremely happy when I have my husband back.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 10:46 pm
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Every once in a while, I forget to close a cage and a rat goes for a walk. Usually they don't go far, and if they are in the main rat room, the rats in the other cages let me know something is wrong because the "stranger" walking around makes them mad, and they fight with their cagemates. Or a particularly active/clever female rat manages to not get counted when I shut her cage door, and I find her minutes or hours later sitting on top of the boys' cage being a tease. (Some people say that rats can mate through the cage bars, but I don't believe it.)

So tonight, Esther went for a walk. Except she went into the kitchen, and under the heating vents, and eventually I found her, whiskers besmirched with grime, by the newspapers. Silly rat! She is one I really wish I had babies from, because she is gorgeous and friendly and healthy, but she never stayed pregnant :(
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[ profile] lyonesse asked for baby rat photos...

Read more... )

good ride

Dec. 7th, 2007 11:37 pm
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I rode Trump today and... we are getting better! I rode him as hard as my joints could handle (I am still in PT for the hip), with lots of cantering (and he got the correct lead EVERY time, and was not too much of a slug about it.) He stretched himself out, and then got round and "on the bit" for more than 30 seconds at a time, during which it felt like I was riding a big comfy couch, and I felt much more in tune with him than I have before. He did have to look at the manure spreader which was in the corner of the ring every time we passed it. He knows what it is, but its new location was potentially scary.

[ profile] goddessfarmer gave me a little instruction while she worked the ever-more-gorgeous Skippy. We may set up some little jumps on Monday to try out.

Trump was a bit goofy... he loves peppermints and was begging for them, and he was *licking* me after I got off him. I have never been licked by a horse! Trump is very "nosey" -- he never bites, but he always wants to check your pockets just in case you have treats. I think he's growing on me :) I think I am going to need a Trumpie icon :)

Minnie of course was very unhappy when we took him away in the trailer, and very happy when we brought him back.
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See for starters...

Well, the right half of the vest I started and finished yesterday, using the new yarn and something else also from Vermont for the edging, is too small. Dammit. I'll start the left side tomorrow, and eventually rip out the right side and start it over. This actually does allow me to fix the edging, which is too big, by doing it on smaller needles.

Ben asked me to weigh the rats in the photo. The little guy on the left is a tubbo at 180 grams, daddy Forrest is 750 grams, and the little guy on the right is a much more normal (for this age, for my rats, who tend to run large) 140 grams.

For anyone who is wondering, my usericon can be ganked at and please credit [ profile] montuos.
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This is the yarn from Vermont:

knitted up. Plus rats. )


Nov. 27th, 2007 04:03 pm
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OK, having my arms yanked out by Bearito, and then going to ride Trump, who also pulls though in a more polite, gentle fashion, leaves me with OWWWWW in the arms and thighs. It's a good ow, though. I just need to remember that I am not enough in shape for a couple of hours of serious riding.

Work, meanwhile, is as usual a disorganized pile of chaos, and my job is to knit it into a lovely sensible garment.

(oh, and speaking of knitting, on Friday I got some yarn at a shop up in Vermont, and Ben's mom took me afterwards to see the very farm where it came from. The sheep and goats live there, the yarn was spun there, and dyed there too. Is that cool, or what? And it's gorgeous, wonderful yarn, too. Thick, warm, wool/mohair blend in lovely fall colors. I have enough for the front of a vest, and then I'll have to get creative.)
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Three rides:

Saturday was Minnie day. We put her and Trump on the trailer and went up to Kinney Hill to ride indoors, because it was cold. Minnie was very, very hyper, even though she's still sore and really only should be walked. [ profile] goddessfarmer told me that it would be OK to trot her down the long sides of the arena, but to go back to a walk on the short sides. The mare was having none of that, though she did go back to a walk, she fought me so much on the short sides (jigging, going sideways, doing all kinds of things that are bad for her hock) that we went back to just walking. She did calm down eventually. It didn't help that there was someone else besides us (me, [ profile] goddessfarmer, and Alice) in the ring trying to do higher-level dressage stuff, and there I was on Crazy Mare with her nose up in the air who would not walk in a straight line and we probably looked like we were out of control. Ah well. I hope that the next time I ride Minnie, it's out in the woods, where she doesn't get bored.

Today, ride #1 was Bearito, who was a Bad Bad Pony. He was really fighting me to go fast, once we'd had our first canter (three laps around the huge indoor and he could have done ten!) Tina finally coached me through the Make the Pony Listen routine... Go, when he starts pulling stop him, make him back up, then go again, repeat ad infinitum until he stops pulling when he's allowed to go. And oh, he was MAD! Pinned his ears, tossed his head, stomped his feet, had a regular little Bearito temper tantrum every time I backed him up. (It's a good punishment, really, because horses hate going backwards, and they have to listen to you. And once they've backed up, you reward them by letting them go forward again.) After ten or fifteen minutes of this, he finally decided to be a Good Pony again. But my arms were like spaghetti by the end of it.

Ride #2 was on the lovely, lazy Trump, again at Kinney Hill. Poor Minnie pitched a fit when we took her boy away, but he was really good about getting on the trailer. Trump was more forward than usual, but still lazy, and one of my hips got sore, so I wasn't pressing him too much. We worked on collection, trying to get both him and me pretty, a little bit of leg yielding (which he does not do so willingly as Bearito), had a nice canter in each direction (with him being fabulous about going right into it with leg aids only), and so forth. He's Bearito's polar opposite in so many ways. Having [ profile] goddessfarmer there riding Skippy was good too; I kept stealing glances at them, because they look so nice together. Minnie was thrilled when we brought Trump back.
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[ profile] deguspice did me the HUGE favor of getting out of bed at 7:30 this morning to come take photos of me and Bearito. He's really not a morning person at all (nor am I, but it is a sign of how much I like riding that I'll get up at 7 to make a 9 a.m. lesson on the ponykins.)

Bearito is a 20-something lesson pony of unknown origins. He has had dressage training and is pretty responsive, though he tends to get behind the bit and rush when he doesn't want to downshift. In a typical lesson, once he's cantered, he's a brat about going slower. He is also the pony I fell off in October, injuring my hip and pelvis. We had a pretty intense, hour-long lesson today and I am pleased to report that it did not make me sore at all!

Most of what's behind the cut is black and white, thanks to low-lighting conditions; [ profile] deguspice used the IR setting on his camera. Next time, we'll wait for a sunny day to roll him out of bed so early...

So we start with the face:

pony face

I am so cute, don't you want to see more of me? Photos and video! )
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Rode Minnie in the woods yesterday. She was jiggy but overall quite good, and *much* better about being mounted. I found that riding her on a really loose rein helps, and just have to trust myself to grab mane or something if she spooks. (She did spook once, when Trump stepped in a hole, but it was a typical 2-second Minnie spook.)

Routine helps. If she knows that the nice lady with the apple slices shows up twice a week, and this means she gets to follow Trumpie into the woods, her behavior will improve.

The ride was a bit more challenging, with one steep downhill starting with a very low stone wall (about 1 1/2 feet high), which Minnie chose to jump over rather than more sensibly stepping over. But I held my balance, and she held hers. And when we got to the field with the gentle uphill slope, she clearly wanted to go charging up it as she's done in the past, but she just *can't* anymore.

Her vet has decided that she should be on Bute all the time, not just when she's being ridden. Bute can be hard on the stomach, but hopefully Minnie will be more comfortable. It might also help with her tendency to try to kick me when I'm cleaning out her back hooves (not anything to worry about, as I am right next to her and she can't build up much momentum. The worst that happens is that I get a bruise.)

And talked a bit more with [ profile] goddessfarmer about her teaching me on Trumpie. I don't want to say much, because I can't really pursue this until my hip is healed, but she has plans for me :) I am fine with this as long as Alice is Trump's main rider and the one who competes on him.

States meme

Nov. 6th, 2007 10:31 pm
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Bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now...

Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C. /
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So I did get to ride Minnie today.

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I now have written clearance from my doctor to ride, yay! And I had a 30 minute session of pool PT with almost no soreness afterwards, though the therapist did pick up on the weird way my left side works, or doesn't.

Talked to [ profile] goddessfarmer. Minnie is feeling better, but it's pretty clear that this year's hock injection has not restored her to soundness :( I will have a short ride on her tomorrow, but how much she can be worked is still up in the air. Also up in the air is how she'll deal with the cold once it really sets in. She's *old*. We talked a little about alternatives should Minnie not be available. I dread the process of finding a good barn where I could half-lease a horse, and hope that it won't get to that for a few more years. I am fretting, oh yes I am.
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Two teens with a very cute little boy. That's it. But we are out in the way-burbs, on a dark and curvy road with no sidewalks and everyone driving too fast.

Today Ben and I drove out to Lee to hand off some rats to a good friend of mine who's been getting rats from me for years. It was good to see her, and talk possums. (She is a vet tech who does wildlife rehab on the side. This was the year of baby possums.)

I am still coughing. Still sore, though less so than before. Cleaned four rat cages. Contemplating bath and bed.
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I was up for much of the night coughing. And the cough, for whatever reason, makes my injured hip hurt, so I am limping again. My current project is to find positions for coughing that do not make my hip hurt.

Because of this, I canceled on [ profile] goddessfarmer this morning, so Minnie will remain unridden until Friday. Hopefully Trump will be moved back to the house by then so we can go hacking. (hacking = English riders' word for "trail riding." And hopefully *I* will not be hacking, as in a hacking cough, by then.)

I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday to get the "clearance to ride" note, and will ask for something for the cough if it's still this bad. It looks like I have to take yet another sick day this week to deal with doctors' stuff. Sigh.


Oct. 27th, 2007 12:19 pm
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Windrush won't let me come back to riding lessons until I have a doctor's note saying it's OK. I just wish they'd told me sooner, because getting the email on Friday means I can't get the note for Monday's lesson.

Riding Minnie went very well, though, and I was not sore at all afterwards. I seem to have made a big jump within the last few days and now have pain only when doing specific things that I know will aggravate things.
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I rode Minnie for the first time in two months today. She was very, very good, much better than we were expecting her to be. I just walked her for 25 minutes; that's all she, and I, are allowed to do right now. At the start, she really wanted to trot, and I had to keep settling her. By the end, she was tired.

Unfortunately, it's pretty obvious that she's going to need Bute when she's ridden; her bad hock is only a little better after the joint injection :( She really needs to work, though, to stay happier and saner. Luckily, her bad hock will *not* get any worse if she's ridden lightly.

After I rode, I turned her out in a small paddock so I could watch [ profile] goddessfarmer have her lesson on Skippy. Minnie got really nervous at first, and was talking to any horse she could see. She has been around no other horses for almost two months now; next week her companions the pigs go away, and she'll get her lovely Trumpie back to replace them, and we'll all get to go hacking.

Here's the pretty girl : minnie standing

more Minnie, including a short video )

some Skippy photos )


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