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I wish my brother didn't live in Alaska. We just had a very nice phone conversation, and he, having experienced all sorts of athletic injuries, read me the riot act, in a very sweet way, about not pushing myself right now. He's skeptical of the riding, or rather, not the riding, but the amount of time on the ground to get the horse ready, take it to the ring, etc. Will do what I can, and no more.

(My brother, if you don't already know, is an "all-around" athlete. He's hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, climbed a 20K plus peak in Bolivia, skis (both cross country and downhill, including back-country downhill, where one treks up to the top of some steep slope and skis down), bicycled across the US, won marathons, and once more or less carried a friend who'd had a stroke in the Alaska back country ten miles to the nearest landing strip.)


Oct. 9th, 2007 05:37 pm
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Just made my reservations for my usual holiday trip to San Diego to help my dad celebrate his Xmas Day birthday (#81 this year!). Over $500 for the plane ticket and nearly $200 for the car rental for a week. Not too many years ago, Ben and I *both* flew for about $500, but this time it's just me, because Ben will be busy being Mr. Arisia. Car rental is from Fox, the really cheapie car rental place in San Diego. The next lowest price was about $275 for the same kind of car.

Ouch. Yes, dad will subsidize the cost of the plane ticket -- it's really a present to himself -- but yes. Ouch.
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Cider Hill Farms email newsletter has 20 varieties of apples listed as being picked now, including some really unusual ones. But one has to go out to the orchard and pick the rare ones; they are not in the store. There is NO way I can do that right now. Actually at the moment I can only walk in a straight line, and slowly at that. Yes, I should go to the doctor... 4 blocks away and I just can't imagine it.

By the way, the La Jolla Landslide is about a mile from where I grew up and I used to ride my bike on the street that collapsed all the time when I was a kid. Actually, my dad would drop me off at the top of Soledad Mountain on his way back to work after lunch, and I'd ride all the way down. The houses on the lower streets (Palomino and Desert View) should never have been built...

And... went to get lunch. Two slices of pizza, OK. But I did not realize it had both carmelized onions and red pepper on it, neither of which I can stand. So back downstairs, slowly, and I now have a salad, hardboiled eggs, and rolls.


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