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Oct. 16th, 2007 02:20 pm
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really should be "butt update."

I finally went to see my doctor about my injury, because it's just not getting any better. He poked and prodded me, found the ouchy spots, watched me walk and didn't like the amount of wobble. So off to Xrays and he will call me when he has them. I *may* have cracked my pelvis or left "sit bone." It's more likely a deep bone bruise, and he will set me up for PT.


Notes on this:

Riding should probably be walk only and maybe a little cantering. Sitting trot w/o stirrups is fine on a smooth horse like Bearito. Posting trot only if it's not painful. No jumping! The gentle motion of a horse's walk is helpful. (This means walking Minnie on Monday, because she is rather bouncy. Given how long she's been off work, pushing her wouldn't be good, anyway.)

Watch sitting and driving positions. I tend to fold my left leg under, and it's painful to get out of that position. Especially when driving my car, which is a stick shift, I need to keep the left foot just by the clutch at all times.

Mornings are the worst; I may try sleeping in the other bed tonight, because it has a squishier mattress.

Keep taking ibuprofen but try to cut back a bit.


Jul. 1st, 2007 07:51 pm
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I am healing, but sore. I did squick a few people with the cuts and bruises on my arm last night :) People tended to assume that I'd been *riding* Minnie when it happened, but no, I was leading her. Or she was leading me. Most of the bad things that have happened to me when I am around horses have not happened when I have been riding them, BTW. I have found that with this particular injury, the best place for me is up and about, not sitting or resting. The mornings after have hurt like hell.

The party was fun, there were people to talk with and I was really OK with the crowd, mostly because unlike the Hot Foods party, which is held in February, this one had plenty of room outside. [livejournal.com profile] goddessfarmer was relieved to see me up and about. I don't think I realized just how scary it was to watch me hit the ground. I was not only up and about; I had spent several hours at the Groton House horse trials earlier in the day, watching people gallop their horses through a long and difficult cross-country course.

Then we had [livejournal.com profile] madbodger as an overnight guest (and not nearly enough time to cuddle him), and went back to the aftermath of the party this afternoon, and then took him to the airport.
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So, moving ponies and riding them has been accomplished. It will be better to have them up on The Hill because the indoor ring and the field of jumps (for Trumpie, mostly) are both there. So, no more trailering ponies up and down.

Riding went well, although Minnie was doing the thoroughbred thing today and would NOT stand still for grooming, bridling, me getting on, etc. J helped a lot. We rode for about 40 minutes again. Monday, if the weather is good, J and I will take them out on a hack to walk up and down hills, which is good for their, and our, fitness.

So everything was wonderful... until it was time to put them in their new digs. Minnie was getting very antsy; she does not like changes, and probably the only thing that kept her from flipping out entirely was that Trumpie was plodding along right beside her (it's a bit of a walk from the barn to their field.) In retrospect, she should have had the chain on her leadrope over her nose; yes, it's painful if her handler yanks on it, but that *will* get her to listen.

The gate to their field is narrow, and has a small step down. Minnie rushed the gate, and she pulled ahead, and then she tripped, and then I tripped and rolled. J said it looked really bad; she was sure I'd been stepped on. But Minnie was a good girl and somehow avoided me, though I did see her hooves pass *right* above my face.

Nonetheless, I have a couple of cuts on my left arm, and a sore forearm, and will, I am sure, have bruises up and down my left side. But -- nothing is broken. I was back on my feet in about 30 seconds. The "crack!" that I heard as I went down was not one of my bones, or one of Minnie's; it was a downed tree branch that one of us landed on.

It does serve to remind me that horses are big and dangerous, though.

And now Minnie has two boyfriends, Trumpie and Jack. Jack is a very pretty TB gelding who lives up there as a pasture puff; he can't be ridden because of neurological issues. He and Minnie spent quite a while getting acquainted over the fence.
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sometimes what I need is 10 1/2 hours of relatively uninterrupted sleep.

I actually feel alive today.


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