Wake up.....

Sep. 21st, 2017 07:18 am
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Woke up at 6am, old memory stirred, downloaded AAAS' 990 forms.

I wonder: Is it too late to wake up?


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My phone is still in boot loop. I posted about this problem in passing on August 21. Nothing about the phone has changed.

I still have many images and some text messages I would like to recover from it. I am willing to pay someone to get them back for me.

If you have had good experiences with a service and you would like to recommend them, please let me know.

Problems in college-land.

Sep. 9th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Great, I knew I would ram into a problem sooner than later. The issue is taking classes outside my main strength. In this case I'm taking a class in Business Management (365) on Leadership. So far on the first two discussions I have spent about 4 hours writing each and have gotten grades of 74% and 43% respectively with the feedback of:

Chris, your posts demonstrate thoughtfulness, however, they do not reflect that you have read the material and/or understood the information in order to make reference to the assigned material.  It is important that your initial post has citations included from the weekly class  reading material.

It is important to insert citations from the assigned weekly reading material. Your leadership knowledge is appreciated, however, the major way the instructor knows that you are reading the material and understanding it, is by your ability to use it in the posts.

Great. So what I need to do here apparently is parrot bits of the reading material and answer the questions with pat answers, not detailed synthesis. I think I'll let week 3 go for now (why bother, it's been submitted) and work on something else.

Crap-cakes. Fine though, two can play at this game. I'll just cite every work and make my responses a fucking quote-fest.



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